A Taste of Handmade Perfection

A taste of tradition! Our Jelly is hand made and the whole process is kept as traditional as possible. Only the filling of the cups and sealing is done by machines, and even then, our cooks are there to ensure the quality of the Jollybee Ice Jelly.

After cooling the jelly, it is allowed to set.

These big machines then fill the individual cups up with the yummy goodness of our very own Jolly Bee Ice Jelly.

As no preservatives are used, we need to work fast and keep the jelly chilled. Can you guess how cold our production rooms are?
 Here you see our staff checking and packing the jelly into their boxes.

 The jelly is all ready to be packed and shipped to Singapore, in our chiller trucks.
 Our work area is kept clean according to Singapore standards, and our staff all have hair caps to ensure standards are met.

Boxes and boxes of our Jolly Bee Ice Jelly, all packed and kept chilled are then brought over to Singapore, where it gets to the different outlets for your enjoyment.

I hope this was interesting for all those of you wondering how the Jolly Bee Ice Jelly is produced!